Tattered Fucking Fairy

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This dry heat is suffocating but it’s supposed to be fantastic for my skin. So I’m here. Sitting in my towel. The cedar benches smell wonderful and the fog is so thick I can barely see my hand in front of my face.

After about five minutes of inhaling the heavy air, I hear the door shut, and then water sizzles on the rocks just before fresh steam fills the air. I can’t see anything, I climb to the top of the benches, and begin to feel my way to the corner to just make myself small and hide. I’ll just wait until I hear this person leave and then I can go out too.

Just as I’m backing myself into the corner I hear a whisper in my ear, “Well hello Darcy.” He drags his teeth along my jawline. He keeps his voice in a very deep baritone whisper, “You’re not going to say a single word. Nod for me if you understand love.” My breath intakes sharply, I look at him and my eyes grow wide when I can finally see through the fog. He looks at me intently, “Darcy.” I nod in agreement.

“That’s my girl. Not a word.” He loosens my towel and sets it aside. He takes a tit in each hand, leans down, gives each nipple a sweet suck with a nibble at the end, pinches them a bit, and pushes me back into the corner of the bench. He reaches into a bag I had not noticed before and retrieves rope. Pulling my knees to my chest and my wrists to my ankles he bound me. I don’t know where he was taught but I was tightly fixed so that my wrists and ankles were knotted to the bench beneath me, my legs splayed wide open. I was totally at his mercy. Exposed. “There’s what I came for. A snack.” He still has fog hiding some of his best features.

His head lowers and drops between my legs. His hand rested on my thighs at first, pressing my legs down, opening me as wide as possible. Suddenly his tongue slides up my pussy, from my arse to my clit, sending bolts of lightening and shooting stars behind my eyes. I begin to moan and let out an “oh fu” when he sharply smacks my clit and severely whispers, “Remember the rules! Not a single fucking word! Do not make me say it again.”

Oh my fucking god that smack. I don’t know what that felt – I’m not certain if it was pain or pleasure or both or different or if I’m totally fucked up because I want him to do it again. I want him to smack it again. I fucking liked it. It felt good. It’s swollen and wet and throbbing and I want fucked and when he smacks it it feels a bit like I’m being pounded so I want him to smack it again. So maybe I’ll make another sound. Maybe I’ll forget. Maybe I need to be punished. I’ll see.

His tongue dives deep inside of me. Fuck it feels so good. I feel like my pussy juice must be dripping down his face. I feel a wee bit guilty but this is all his fucking fault. I was in here first. I struggle just a bit against those fucking ropes, and he fucking bites my clit. Not hard, but Jesus fuck that hurt and felt fucking amazing and god I want to cum all over his face.

And fuck me there he goes with his tongue sliding up my pussy again. I don’t think I can do that much longer. When he slides from my arse to my clit I fucking melt. I’m dripping wet. Suddenly he drives his fingers into me while his circles and he sucks my clit. I can’t stand it any longer and I burst all over him, my pussy juice dripping all over his face. I can hear him lapping me, licking me gently. He begins to fucking moan and squeeze my arse and I feel my eyes rolling back in my head. A low rumble is in my chest and I begin to let a “Fuuu” when I feel a violent pinch on my thigh and hear, “Ruuuules,” in a vicious whisper. I barely breathe after that.

He sits up, my pussy juice on his face, his lips, his tongue. He stands over me, I see how hard he is. He wants me. I see it. I’m not allowed to speak. My hands and ankles are bound. I can’t reach for him. I want to touch him. I’m holding his eyes. I’m looking at his hardness, his eyes, then my pussy. Fuck me.

He rubs his cock. Then he double checks the knots. “Would you like a taste?” He leans down and slides his tongue into my mouth. He tastes like me. “I’m full for now my love. I’ll be back soon. I’ll send someone. You stay here and be a good girl until then.” He leaves  me bound. My legs are still wide open however now I am dripping wet with juices and my clit is swollen and throbbing and I’m aching to be properly fucked.

The door closed behind him after he dropped fresh water on the rocks. “What the bloody fucking hell was that? How the fucking hell am I going to get out of here? Who the fucking hell is going to help me? How am I ever going to fucking explain this? I have no fucking way to get in touch with anyfuckingone. This is fucking madness!” I scream at the top of my lungs. I begin to breathe a tiny bit quicker. I know I need to calm down or I’m going to have a panic attack.

I could feel tears begin to sting my eyes even though my clit was still throbbing and I would give almost anything to have my hand free to touch myself. Unexpectedly, Daddy’s voice cuts through the dense fog in the room, “That was quite a show Darcy. Quite a show. If you are a good girl maybe you can watch it later. Your pussy is gorgeous on camera. Oh, and that smack. That is – well – kitten that is a money shot.” I’m staring at him in pure shock. What the fuck is going on? Daddy has been here watching this the entire time? I don’t understand.

Daddy is now standing in front of me, staring down. My lips part as I begin to speak and he immediately  hushes me, “Fucking rules Darcy. You have one goddamn rule. You are fucking bound to make everything else impossible for you to do. One. Goddamn. Rule. Just don’t fucking speak.”

My eyes are so wide I fear the lids may stick tucked back into my head. My heart is pounding, I can feel beads of perspiration standing on arms, on my nose, my cheekbones, trickling down my back. I’m actually a little bit fucking scared and it is so fucking hot. Deep down I know I’m safe but this is scary and it’s an amazing turn on. My nipples feel like they could cut glass and it has to be 140 degrees in this sauna.

Daddy’s eyes boring into mine are making me almost writhe. Without ever looking away from me he drives two fingers into me, wiggles them gently, finding my spot and deftly softly pressing – manipulating – my spot to watch me drop like a leaf, like a table without their legs, like a whore in an alley – his whore in his alley anywhere. His absolutely anywhere. Then as abruptly he stepped back slightly, licking his fingers, tasting and swallowing me – he didn’t share.

“You are staying here. You my sweet little beautiful dirty tattered fucking fairy are a dirty fucking whore.” He breathed in deeply, held his breath for what felt like a very long time and then let out a long, long sigh. “You are staying here until Rose finds you. Most likely that will be at close this evening.” My eyes are pleading with him to not do this. Not leave me like this – bound, exposed, alone. “Now kitten, let me check these….” he leans over me as he inspects the binds making certain the knots haven’t loosened in any of the movements so far. They haven’t. I’m secure. “My kitten is tightly in her ties. We wouldn’t want you running away. Those of us that want to play with you my love. You are a valuable kitten. Bidding is getting higher.” I don’t really understand.

“Rose will find you kitten. She will bring you home my love. Do watch for her though, I believe she has had her eye on you for a bit now.” I look at Daddy with confusion. “Also, there will be others coming in and out. My suggestion is stay very quiet lest you never know what fate…. They are men after all. And frankly there are some women kitten.”

He and I will be inspecting your pussy and clit after Rose delivers you home. We will expect a full account if anything seems amiss – from both of you.

A pussy and clit inspection. Daddy. Him. Maybe Rose. This is because I’m a dirty tattered fucking fairy whore?

I’m going to moan so I have my clit smacked.

Read With Me

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I had been thinking about having your dick in my mouth all day.

Some days are just like that. Some days all I want is for you to spank me. To put me across your lap and use your hand to warm up my bum and then smack it so hard I yelp. On those days I want you to spank my ass, making it red, telling me what a bad girl I’ve been. But not on this day.

Today all I can think about is unzipping those pants, freeing your cock, and swallowing all of you. Feeling you sliding down my tongue, tapping the back of my throat, making me gag. But all I’m doing is thinking…

We keep doing things. We have errands to run, we grab lunch at a great bistro we have been wanting to try out, there’s a book fair we want to stop by….but I’m distracted. “Darcy, are you not having a good time?” I really don’t know how to respond. I’m having a great time but I’m also miserable. “Darcy!” I blink, bringing myself back to the moment. “Of course I’m having a good time. These are some of my most favorite things to do. I’m just a little preoccupied maybe.”

The rest of the drive was quiet take the music. After parking as far away as possible and strolling across the lot in a mostly comfortable silence we step into the bookshop. Just as I start toward the middle of the shop where the small fair has been set up, I feel Daddy’s hand tightly grip my arm just above my elbow. It smarts just a bit and I wince as he turns me the opposite direction from where I was headed. “We’re going this way Darcy.” He moves me so quickly it almost raises me off the ground a bit.

I can feel people’s eyes on me. Daddy is ushering me along barely in front of him, just against his hip. “A little faster kitten. Move along,” Daddy says down into my ear. He pushes me into the ladies room with no regard to the people that I’m certain just saw both of us go in. As he pushes me into the stall at the far end of the room, he shuts the door behind him locking it, and then shoves me into the corner. “Darcy I don’t want to do some of your most favorite things, I want to do them all.” Daddy loosens his grip on my arm, places his hands on the wall on either side of my shoulders. “I know you kitten. Show me what else you like to do,” Daddy never takes his eyes off of mine.

The door opened, we heard a woman go into another stall, my eyes opened wide as Daddy very quietly but not quite whispering says, “I said show me what else you like to do. Don’t make me say it again.” I heard a gasp from the other stall and I couldn’t help but smile just a little. I looked up at Daddy and quickly unzipped his trousers.

I could hear her washing her hands as his trousers fall to the floor, the automatic dryer is blowing as I drop to my knees, and I vaguely remember the door closing as I swallow as much of his cock as I can take. I put my hands on his hips and just take him. I can feel the tip of his dick literally hitting the back of my throat and I gag every time. I pull all the way back, leaving the tip just on my lips. There is so much saliva and pre-cum when I did that. And I did it over and over. Because when I did Daddy would moan and I could feel his hips shake in my hands and his thighs would quiver just a wee bit. That feeling is euphoric. It’s like a high unlike anything else and I wanted more and more. I kept doing it, feeling him quiver and shake. Hearing him softly moan was intoxicating. I gripped his hips a bit harder, pulled him toward me a bit more aggressively, and let my tongue dance around the tip of his cock as I sucked. I looked up and Daddy was looking down at me.

I slowly stopped sucking and pushed his dick as far back as it would go, never looking away from his eyes. When I gag, I blink and water fills my eyes. A tear slowly runs down my cheek, I’m staring straight into his eyes taking his tip back to my lips, this time teasing it with my tongue. I quickly shove him back into my mouth and repeat, in and out saliva dripping, in and out, begging him with my eyes to cum for me, in and out, I gag every time, my tears are spilling down my face, holding his gaze, blinking long to keep the tears from totally obscuring my vision. I’m gagging with every thrust but the feeling I’m getting is nearly orgasmic. Then suddenly Daddy softly gasps, grabs my hair, and shoves his cock as deep into my mouth as he can. I can feel him touching my throat and I hold my mouth open wide wrapping my tongue around him, caressing him, playing with him. Making certain that teeth don’t touch. Giving him that tight, warm…and then I feel it, I taste it. I hear him call out, his knees buckle a bit, and the hands that have not moved a single inch on the wall finally slip down. His cum fills my mouth and I drink him up, swallowing all of him, sucking and licking like a kitten lapping the bowl for the very last drop of cream.

I stand up, pulling his trousers up with me as I do. He zips and buttons, we straighten and sort, he looks at me, “I do know you,” he says. I can’t help but smile a wee bit, “Aye you do.” He unlocks the door and we swiftly exit, leaving the shop altogether. “Dinner then,” he says. I nod as I stare out the window lost in thought. “Mmmhmm that’s fine, whatever you like is good,” I say.

I feel a tight grip on my arm just above my elbow. I turn and look at Daddy, “Do you have more things on your mind kitten?” he asks.

“Perhaps,” I purr, grinning mischeviously.

“Oh my kitten, so do I. So. Do. I.” Daddy says.




Burning Triangle

I had been to the loo three times already. Too much fucking vodka. I was out with girlfriends and was on my fourth trip to the ladies room. I was only slightly stumbling my way into the stall and turning to lock the door behind me when it came crashing in slamming me backwards nearly knocking me to the floor.

Before I could call out a hand went across my mouth to quiet me and the stall door locked me and my captor in. My eyes flew to his face and I locked eyes with my Daddy. My eyes grew wide and I struggled for breath. Keeping one hand across my mouth he wrapped his other arm around my waist and drew me close to him.

He shoves me against the stall wall leaning his body fully into mine pinning me making sure I couldn’t move. His hand is still over my mouth and with his eyes locked on mine he lowers his mouth to mine as he slips his fingers away just enough to allow his lips to touch mine.

His other hand dives into my shirt and deftly pushes my bra aside, pulling my tit and nipple out. He pinches it, easy at first. He rolls it a little back and forth. The he pinches my nipple really fucking hard! I start to cry out a little and as I do he kisses me deeper and almost takes my breath away. He literally swallows my scream.

He nibbles on my lip as he begins to pull away slightly. He starts to unbutton my jeans and when I look up at him he says, “I’m going to fuck you here and then we’re going to go out there where everyone will know that we just fucked.” I just nod my head.

He pushes my jeans down, turns me around, bends me over, and quickly shoves his hard dick deep inside of me. He grabs my shoulders to go deeper and I cry out. As I’m feeling his cock in my ribs he’s quietly opening the stall door allowing someone else into our world. I suddenly feel another set of hands on me. I scream. Daddy’s hand quickly goes over my mouth – tightly – I can barely breathe. “Quiet Darcy, he’s going to play with us a bit. Do as you’re told.”

Before I can even begin to process what is happening Daddy grabs my hair, yanks my head back dragging me backward as the stranger slips past settling down in front of me. He quickly locks eyes with me as he’s unzipping his trousers and as his long, thick cock stands up at attention Daddy drives deep into me again. It pushes me forward, my face into the lap of the stranger. I lick the tip of his dick, see his eyes close, and his head lean back. Running my tongue around the head makes him moan.

Daddy is increasing his rhythm and as he does he slips one arm around my waist and a finger in my ass. I gasp and the stranger moans in turn. But I can’t deny how good it feels. I lean into him, wanting him to sink his finger deeper – maybe add another. I can feel the veins on the stranger’s dick  begin to throb and his moans become more rhythmic – I know he’s getting close to orgasm. I have to get myself and Daddy there too, I want us to all cum together.

I slow down sucking, I cup his balls, I lick and I take his hands putting them on my tits. I put his fingers on my nipples under my own fingers showing him how I like them pinched. He quickly took over and I greedily went back to shoving his dick into the back of my throat. With one hand cupping his balls I reached between my legs to Daddy’s. I gently tickled across his balls as he was shoving his dick into me. Daddy seemed to like it so I held them a little tighter.

So many sensations are happening all at once my head feels like it’s spinning and my clit begins to throb. Daddy’s thrusts have sped up, I feel his hand moving to my hair – he’s about to cum. He always grabs my hair and pulls my head back to him, whispering what a fucking whore I am or a what a disobedient slut I’ve been in my ear as he cums. I suck the stranger a little harder and roll my tongue around his dick as I do. He pinches my nipples harder, I know he’s about to cum.

Everything happens in an instant. Daddy yanks my head back, “You like this in your ass you little fucking whore? You’re a dirty little bitch.” I feel the stranger’s cum begin to drip down my chest just as Daddy’s words are echoing in my head. He’s pinching my nipples and I cum with an intensity that fucking explodes.

It only takes a moment for all of us to get ourselves together. I go out and find my friends. I make up a story about running into an old friend in the loo for why I had been away so long. Most everyone bought it, except a few who thought my hair was mussed and looked freshly fucked, but we just continued our night. We danced and drank and I didn’t see Daddy or the stranger anywhere. They both just seemed to have disappeared.

The club was about to close and I started the two block walk to my loft. I was replaying the night in my head, lost in my thoughts really, about half a block away from my building when out of nowhere Daddy was on one side of me and the stranger from the loo was on the other. “What’s my little whore doing all alone on the street?” Daddy glances over at me as the three of us continue to walk toward my building. I open my mouth and can’t seem to form anything close to words. I make little noises.

By this time we’ve reached my building. Daddy grabs my elbow, “Darcy, we’re going to go upstairs okay? Just trust me.”

The stranger grabs my other elbow.

The Foyer

FoyerThe drink appeared in front of me. “Bought and paid for,” the bartender said. I raised my eyes up to him, my elbows were propped on the bar, fingers crossed under my chin. He just gave his shoulders a little shrug and sauntered off. If I asked him I’m sure he would tell me who bought the drink but it was kind of fun to try to figure it out.

I’ve literally moved to the edge of my seat and I can feel the tiny hairs on my arms standing up. I hope this means that Daddy is here. I haven’t seen him since I came back from my surprise visit to him. It’s been so long. We have to be patient and wait to be together. It makes the time we have together precious. And ravenous. And insatiable.

I’m sipping the strawberry vodka that he has sent to me, trying to discreetly search the bar for him. I’m also looking for someone that is just his size or shape. He’s been known to change his look to trick me. It’s always exciting.

I have my head turned to the right, looking over my shoulder, scanning the back room of the bar. I smell him. Then, I feel him against me and his breath is in my ear before I can turn my head, “Hello kitten, are you thirsty? I’ve missed you. I want to pet you.”

I groan before I can stop myself, a shiver runs through me, and I feel myself become instantly wet. The effect he has on me is ridiculous. He motions the bartender over and asks for a drink of his own. The cocktails go down smoothly.  As we’re leaving I start toward the main door. He grabs me and pulls me toward the elevator, “Darcy, don’t be ridiculous we’re staying here tonight.” I just stared at him. He said this like this was something we did all the time. We’ve never done this before. But, I’ll go along with whatever game we’re playing tonight. “You’re right Daddy, I don’t know what I was thinking,” I said as I stared straight into his eyes. He knew I was on board now. “Okay then,” Daddy said as he pressed the button for the top floor.

The doors opened into a marble hall and there was a “helper” because I refuse to call him a butler. Daddy told him he could go home and I closed the door behind him. As I turned the locks I felt his body slam against mine pinning me against the door. His hands ran down my arms, my sides, stopped at my waist and held tightly as he lowered himself behind me. He quickly turns me to face him and pushes my skirt up to my waist.

Keeping me pinned against the door, with one hand he slips my panties to the side and then slips his tongue onto my clit. The burst of stars I see is phenomenal. It has been so long since he has touched me and when he licks me – oh my god! I feel my clit urgently swell and it’s hard for me to not cum immediately. Somehow I manage to keep from instantly exploding in his mouth and he licks and sucks my clit until I’m nearly unable to contain myself. Then he slips his fingers inside of me and pushes me over the edge. I cum over Daddy’s face, in his mouth. He says he loves the way I taste.

When my pussy stops squeezing his fingers he pulls me down on top of him, keeping my panties just pulled to the side. He has pulled his pants down just enough for me to sit on his dick. He quickly pulls me down on his lap, I’m facing him, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He leans against the sofa and I bounce up and down on his cock. Daddy’s big hands are under my ass, holding me up, and I have my arms around his neck. I’m riding him like a fucking pogo stick. Every time Daddy’s dick goes deep inside of me it’s like I feel it in my chest.

He lowers his head and takes my nipple in his mouth. I can hear him growl really low. I know that sound means he’s in ecstasy.  That sound, that growl is so fucking sexy to me – because I know he’s so turned on with me at that moment – and that is so hot. That sound makes me even wetter and I know I’m going to cum again. Suddenly he sucks my nipple so hard I’m certain it will leave a mark. Then he picks my body up and turns me around to face away from him. He wants ass up.

I lean forward and press my face against the marble floor, widening my knees I pull my skirt up to my waist, and raise my ass into the air for Daddy. He rubs it a little as he pulls the thong panty aside. He lightly smacks my cheek. I hear him mumble something under his breath but I’m not sure what he said. I feel his cock rubbing against my other cheek. Such an odd sensation. And then he fucking spanks me! Hard! While his cock was rubbing my ass!  What the actual fuck! I mean, I kind of liked it. What the fuck does that mean.

Oh my god I think he’s going to do it again. I’m raising my ass higher for him. Jesus I do like it. He rubs my cheek first, just so soft. Then he smacks me, all playful. That’s when I feel his dick. It’s surprising. Then he’s rubbing his dick on my ass cheek and I’m focusing on that. It feels good – the head of his cock rubbing my ass. And I can feel that he’s dripping, ready to keep fucking me. That’s why I don’t even notice that he’s been rubbing my other ass cheek that whole time then all of a sudden he spanks it super hard and holy fuck! It fucking hurts! And it hurts really fucking good. I want him to do it over and over again.

And then when I raise my ass to him he fucks me. He fucks me hard and deep. He goes in inch by inch and comes out the same to the very tip, teasing and then slamming back in, shattering my insides. I can feel our pelvic bones hit each other we fuck so hard. He holds onto my hips like handles and fucks me until he cums. He has a handful of my hair, my head pulled back, he cums inside of me, and he bites my neck leaving a mark underneath my hairline.

When he pulls out I move my panties over and my skirt back into place. Daddy stands up and helps me do the same. I straighten my clothes a bit, so does he.

“So, this is the foyer. Obviously I sent the butler home or he would’ve made us dinner. I’ve always had this thing about a chef. I also have an apron, a spatula, and a sturdy wooden spoon. Would you like to see the kitchen?” Daddy looks at me and smiles his mischievous grin that makes me melt.

“So tell me about this kitchen of yours.”


BDSM Ideas. Back View of Caucasian Woman in Sexy Lingerie Posing


Daddy has been away on business for awhile – too long. I’m lonely. I put on fish nets, his favorite garter belt, a black thong, corset, and mini skirt. I throw a long jacket on and head to the airport to surprise him. I hope it earns me a spanking.

When I land, I grab a taxi to his place. I’ve missed my Daddy so much just being so close has me excited and wet. I knock softly on his door, I know he’s not expecting anyone. I hear his steps and my heart is pounding in my chest. He opens the door. Time stands still for just a moment. The air doesn’t move, we don’t breathe, our eyes are locked on each other.

In a flash my breath drew in and his hand grabbed my lapels pulling me into him as he slammed the door closed behind me. “Oh my baby, how did you get here, when did you get here, I’ve missed you so much, I’m so glad you’re here.” He said everything I was feeling. “I couldn’t be away from you anymore, Daddy” I locked my eyes with his. “I need to be spanked.” “And, I got us a toy. We can control each other from a distance. While you’re gone.”

Daddy is smiling down at me, moving closer with my chin in his hand. His body is pressing into me, “I love that idea baby, controlling you even when I’m not there. And I love that you’re here Darcy. I love that we get to have time together. I’ve missed you so much.”

His hand slips down to my throat, squeezes hard, and slams me into the wall. He leans into my ear and I feel his hot breath then I can hear a quiet low rumble and feel his soft nibble on the bottom of my ear. A tingle runs through my entire body, I feel goosebumps stand up on my arms and legs. I can even feel the tiny hairs across my shoulders and stomach standing up. There’s no denying the electricity of his touch on my skin.

His lips and teeth trace my collarbone down to my breasts and quickly find my nipples. He sucks, pinches, and bites until I’m pulling his head into my chest and raising my hips toward him begging him to fuck me.

He licks down over my hip bone onto my thigh. As his tongue slides on my inner thigh his fingers dip into my pussy. He still has a hand around my throat and when he squeezes a bit it’s all too much and I cum right there, so soon. It’s maddening.

“Already kitten?” I look sheepishly up at Daddy. There’s no hiding it. My pussy squeezed so tight around his fingers I’m surprised he has any feeling right now, not to mention the cum dripping down his hand. But really, it’s not my fault. It’s been so long, and his touch, and….well I’ll probably get spanked for that early display. So is it really punishment.

“Come here Darcy, let me see you.” I walk over to him and he slowly takes off what he doesn’t want me to have on. My bra, my panties…they are scattered on the floor. I’m left wearing fishnet stockings, garter belts and stilettos. I stand in front of him for just a moment and then drop to my knees and unzip his jeans. I greedily take his cock into my mouth and I feel it harden as I suck. It grows and I begin to gag. Saliva and pre-cum drip from my lips and down my chin. He grabs the back of my head, wraps my hair around his fingers, and pushes my mouth onto his dick. I can feel the tip tickle the back of my throat.

He quickly pulls my head back and stands me up. He sits down and keeps me facing him. “Kitten, I am so happy that you surprised me with a visit. You’ve done a very good thing. But you did a bad thing when you had such a fast orgasm for Daddy. I didn’t get to play with you at all. For that you need to be punished. Do you understand?” I nodded my head slowly and rolled my eyes up at my Daddy, “Yes Sir.”

“Come here kitten, across my lap.” I draped myself across Daddy’s lap and he began to spank me. I had no idea how many lashes I was supposed to get. The first few stung, after that each one began to make my ass a little hotter and it was turning me on a little more with each blow. I began to wiggle as he would strike me. I was anticipating the blows. I wanted them. I was raising my ass toward his hand, asking him, begging him to spank me. I started to moan a bit. He missed a little and spanked my clit. I saw rockets. Especially when he followed it so quickly by smacking my ass so hard it was taking my breath. My pussy was dripping.

My ass was bright red and hot, my pussy dripping, clit bulging. I can’t focus on anything but feeling my Daddy’s cock buried deep inside of me. He’s still sitting on the edge of the bed where he was doling out my punishment. I try to wiggle out of his grasp enough to push him back onto the bed. I straddle him and lower myself onto his dick. I do it swiftly. I feel him all the way into my chest. He takes my breath away. I see his eyes close and roll back into his head. “Fuck yesss.” There it is, Daddy has missed me too.

We played for awhile and Daddy said he wanted to try something new. I’m always excited to try new things so I’m ready. We’re going to do this before I have to go back home. And then we’ll work out the next visit or he’ll be home.

So the new adventure, we’re going to the park. Daddy’s going to have a job for me to do for him at the park. I really hope it’s something we can do together. I love doing things together, especially in public.

We get to the park, set out a picnic lunch that looks really delicious with fruit and cheese and wine and crackers and as we’re enjoying lunch, I’m telling Daddy about work, and he whispers, “I’m going to fuck you in this park, you can decide where baby.” Anything I had been thinking about stopped immediately. My heart started beating faster, I was so excited. Public sex is something I’ve always wanted and here it was. He’s just looking at me, seeing me get flustered seems to amuse him. It would probably amuse me too if I were in a different position. “Well, what are my choices.” I manage to stammer out. “You can choose that little bridge over there, the most likely very disgusting bathrooms, or this blanket right here. Positions will of course vary based on location choice. Consider your choice carefully.” “I want the bridge.” I answered without hesitation, almost as if I had thought about this at another time. Daddy just looked at me and gave me that smirk he has, that sexy smirk. It brought me all this way. It’s dangerous.

We finished eating, had a few glasses of champagne, and decided to take a walk around the park. It was peaceful. There were a lot of people but it didn’t seem to matter, everyone was doing there own thing involved in there own little world. As we crossed over the bridge I had forgotten Daddy’s earlier promise so I called out a little when he pressed against me and wrapped his arm around my neck. I quickly melted back into him, my arms raising encircling his neck. Pulling my hips back into him he slipped my skirt above my hip bones exposing my ass cheeks. I felt so vulnerable and wanted to keep him pulled close to me. Daddy kept pushing me away to look at my ass.

I reached back and stroked his cock, he quickly unzipped his jeans and bent me over right there. He swiftly realized this was going to attract attention that we didn’t want so in a movement so fast the scenery blurred around me, he turned me around and sat me on the handrail, slipped himself back into me, and kissed me so deeply making it look like we were having the most romantic moment ever so the closest possible onlookers would leave us alone. I could feel the heat in my face and my breath caught in my chest.

“Can you make me cum baby?” Daddy stares deep into my eyes and at that moment there is not one thing in the world that I wouldn’t do for him. I begin to raise my hips toward him and squeeze my pussy tight around his cock. He feels so good so deep inside of me. I’m raising and lowering myself onto him, feeling my juices running down him. I lean forward, press my tits against his chest, scratch down his back, and bite his neck. “Fuuuuuuck Darcy.” His legs begin to shake and I feel him explode inside of me. Daddy’s fingers dig into my neck leaving what I know will be perfect finger bruises tomorrow. He holds onto me tightly so I don’t fall until he’s steady, then he sets me down gently. “Come on kitten, let’s finish that champagne.”

I don’t want to go home but I have to, I have to work. We will do this again soon. Or he will be home. Or we will change where home is. Or something. But no matter….I’m his. And he is mine.


Crawling Back


I was lonely. I had been on my own for awhile. I was okay on my own but I have needs. I needed a Daddy. Someone who was willing to fuck me so hard and so rough that I would cry. Someone who would spank my ass until it bruised, would suck my nipples, throw me around, bite me, and pull my hair.

I’m waiting for my first date to arrive. I’m wearing black lingerie, lace bra and thong. I have matching garters and thigh highs. I chose black so he won’t see how quickly my pussy gets wet. I haven’t been with a man for months. I’ve been with my toy man, and I do a really good job fucking myself with that long glass cock. But I’m aching to be spanked. My boobs are tingling they need to be sucked so badly. I want hands on me, in me. I want to be held down and fucked.

The doorbell rings and my stomach turns over and I feel a tingle between my legs. It’s ridiculous how excited I am.

I open the door and smile up at him, he hands me a bottle of whiskey caressing my hand as he does. He has a smirk that makes him look as if he has a secret. It also makes him incredibly sexy. He holds that for just a moment and studies me then nearly growls, “well hello kitten.”

My knees literally shook a bit. I leaned toward him, grabbing his forearm to steady myself. As I bit into my bottom lip I looked into his eyes. “Thank you for this.” I motioned toward the bottle in my hand as I brushed a light kiss across his lips. I took his hand and led him into the kitchen.

I opened the bottle of whiskey and poured us both a glass. He was leaning against the island, an elbow on the counter. As I slid the glass to him all I could think was how I wanted to unzip those trousers. I wanted to pull out his cock and stroke it. I wanted to lick it and run my tongue around the tip until he’s gripping my hair and fucking my mouth while he tells me what a good kitten I am.

Instead, I lowered my head just a bit, raised my eyes to him and asked him to tell me exactly what he was looking for. “A pet, Darcy. A sweet one that understands that pets sometimes need to be scolded and punished. Punishment is a form of passion and love. We only discipline those we cherish. A pet that not only understands that but craves that. And I want a baby girl. I love to take care of my sweet girl, my kitten. Could that be you Darcy?”

“It could be. I know there are times I have deserved the spankings I’ve been given. And I’ve wanted them. They turn me on, make me so fucking hot. When that hand smacks my ass and causes that searing pain it’s fucking phenomenal. I can’t help but scream out. There were times his fingers would slip between my legs as he would smack down. That’s the most exquisite pain I’ve ever experienced. Initially it feels as if a thousand knives were stabbing through my clit and then almost instantly the aftershocks are orgasms faster than I could count. So yes, my answer is yes. I crave being punished. Sir.” I have to look away for just a moment, I feel my face flushing. I’m so turned on talking about this, I only want him to take me over his lap and spank my ass until it’s bright red and hot.

We make our way to the den – as he sets his glass on the buffet I untie my dress exposing the lingerie underneath. He slowly moves to sit down and I drop to all fours. I  crawl toward him cautiously, waiting on him to allow me to continue. I reach his knees and wait patiently for a moment before nestling my head into his knee. Just touching his skin made my own tingle and caused my pussy to dampen. His hand reached into my hair grabbing a handful. He pulled just a little, “Feeling a bit naughty are you kitten?” He moaned just a little, “Ok, let’s play.”

Taking his trousers off, I drag my nails up his inner legs, his thighs. I can feel his body shiver. I cup his balls in my hand and quickly take the length of his shaft into my mouth. The tip of his cock slams into the back of my throat. It makes me gag and I love the feeling of it. I keep taking it in, deeper and deeper. I can’t seem to get enough of him. I run my hands up his chest under his shirt while I push my lips against the base of his dick. I hear a low rumble from his throat and this makes me so wet I can feel my juice running down my leg.

My hands grip his collarbones and he strips his shirt off as I begin to nibble up his chest. He pulls me onto his lap, swiftly unfastens my bra releasing my breasts with hardened nipples, and takes a nipple into his mouth. He sucks deep, pulling hard and raking his teeth across the sensitive tip. With my hands on the back of his head pulling him into me I can feel my hips begin to slowly grind against him.

He pulls his head back, locks eyes with me, and begins to slowly trace his hand down my body starting at my chin. He wraps his fingers around my throat squeezing just enough to make me gasp a little. His fingers slide between my breasts, over my stomach, and he slides over to my hip where he grabs the tiny piece of fabric there. Without ever losing eye contact he grips my panties in his fist, rips them off, leans me slightly backward, and slides his cock deep inside of me.

Breathtaking. Literally. I couldn’t breathe. He filled me so deeply and fully that he literally took my breath away. I came instantly. And then was ready for another in a matter of seconds. He hit every spot I have. Every move I made seemed to hit another raw orgasmic place deep inside of me that only he had ever touched. It was madness. I was shaking from the pleasure. With his hands on my body and his cock buried inside of me I knew I would do absolutely anything he would ever want me to do.

At that moment he picked me up, slid me over, moved behind me and shoved deep into me from behind. I didn’t think he could be deeper but I was wrong. It felt like the tip of his cock was in my chest. He pushed my head down into the cushions, grasped a hip in one hand, and began to spank my ass with the other. Once I began to lift my head but the spanking stopped long enough for him to quickly push it back down. I didn’t do that again. The harder he spanked me the harder he fucked me. He was fucking my very core. It had been so long for me, every part of me was exploding.

I could tell he was about to cum, his rhythm changed. He was taking longer, more deliberate strokes. He stopped spanking me and suddenly grabbed my hair. He pulled my head back toward him and leaned down into me. He took those last few strokes and came into me, grabbing my throat, holding my head against him, the weight of his body falling into me. He held me tightly there until his body stopped shaking; it felt like minutes as he was gripping my throat tighter and tighter as each moment went by but in truth it was probably only a minute. When he released my neck I briefly saw stars but I also felt this amazing euphoric rush between my legs. My clit tingled and I almost came again as he rolled over and pulled me onto his lap to sit.

I leaned my head against his chest, he ran his hand through my hair, and whispered into my neck, “So kitten, I can hear you purring. Did you like the way Daddy played with you?” I turned, straddled him so I could face him straight on, and barely nodded my head. Leaning forward, with my tits pressed against his chest, I ran my tongue up his neck to his earlobe. Nibbling the edge and softly breathing into his ear I whispered, “Yes Daddy, I liked the way you played with me very much. Maybe you would like to play with me again.”

He looked at me with that smirk on his face that makes him so incredibly sexy. “Oh kitten, I just claimed you. I came in you. You are mine. You are my baby girl. Now you’ll do what I want, do you understand that? You’ll take pictures and send them to me when I tell you to. You’ll wear what I tell you to when I tell you to. You’ll play the games I want to play. I’m in charge. Sometimes the game will be that you’re in charge, but that’s a game. Do you understand all of this, kitten? Is this what you want?”

I hesitate for only a fraction of a second. I know this arrangement exposes me, makes me so extremely vulnerable. But it’s also what I crave so much. As long as I know that we are safe, this is exactly what I want.

He seems to already read my thoughts. “Yes Darcy, we will have a safe word. So if it becomes too much, if there is a point that oversteps either of us can stop what is happening. You know that.” I blush a little at this. I do know. I know how these relationships work. Safe word. But, they are rarely ever used.

“Yes Daddy, this is exactly what I want. You are who I’ve been waiting for.”

“Ok then kitten. How about you walk across the room there, down on all fours, and crawl back over here to me.”






Broken Glass

I’m shattered. Not like a delicate champagne flute that’s been dropped on a marble floor – more like a beer bottle that has been thrown against the wall of a dingy back alley bar at closing time when the bartender kicks you out, you’re pissed off, and want to go anywhere but home. Shards of glass, pieces of me, thrown about.

It has been months since my lover, my Daddy, has wanted me. We have sex, but it’s not the same. My body aches for him; for his burning eyes, his low steady voice and sharp words directing me, his strong hands turning my bottom shades of pink and red, his mouth on my nipples, his head between my legs. I miss the marks on my body that last for days after, reminding me of  what was done.

Do I no longer make him happy? Am I no longer what he wants? Or is THIS no longer what he wants? I fear that, as I know what I am. I am submissive. I need to be dominated. I crave it. I feel my soul wilting without it. I become a shell. I’ve been a shell for too long. Daddy has brought me back to life and he can slay me just as quickly.

I need his cock in my mouth. I want to feel him in the back of my throat. I love to hear him moan when his tip dips down my throat and makes me gag. He gets so hard and pulls out, sometimes he will throw me back and drive himself deep into me. Or he’ll shove his cock into my ass, he goes about halfway the first thrust, slowly slides back to the tip and then plunges himself all the way in, as far as he can go. He groans so low and deep and my god, that is the hottest sound on the planet. It feels like his cock is touching my ribs and it draws a guttural moan from me. In my head I believe I shouldn’t enjoy it but his pleasure heightens mine, and there is something so primal and hot about it that makes it so fucking amazing. He will drive himself harder and harder, sometimes pinching my nipple or dipping fingers into my pussy. He always pushes me to climax even though I feel almost dirty having an orgasm with his cock in my ass. But I don’t care, because as he always reminds me – I’m his dirty fucking whore. And then Daddy will cum for me – wherever he wants because I am his.

I need this. And more than that – I need him to need this.

I don’t want to go back to mechanical twice a week roll over same position predictable monotonous sex. It’s just not me. I didn’t think it was us.

I’m broken.